Management Programmes Functional Programmes Technical Programmes Other Programmes


Leadership, Public Administration And Management Development


Communication, Office Administration And Secretarial

1.Problem Solving And Decision Making For Leaders  
  1. Public Relations & Communication Skills
2.Planning & Organising Skills For Public Leaders  
  1. Developmental Programme For Clerks
3.Public Policy Formulation Procedures  
  1. Basic Filing For Office Professionals
4.Supervisory & Leadership Skills Development Programme  
  1. Business English And Grammer Training
5.Effective Team Building And Team Management Skills  
  1. Investigative Report Writing Skills
6.Tendering And Tender Procedures (Tender Board Act)  
  1. Advanced Office Administration & Secretarial Skills
7.Conflict Management  
  1. Customer Care - Achieving Customer Excellency
8.Corporate Governance In The Public Sector  
  1. Minute Taking And Report Writing Skills
9.Strategic Human Resources Management  
  1. Reception And Secretarial Skills
10.Managing Substance Abuse In The Workplace  
  1. Supervisors & Subodinates Development Programme
11.Transport Management For Administrative Staff  
  1. Procurement, Stock Control And Assets Disposal Skills
12.Executive Leadership Development Programme  
  1. Government Protocol & Diplomatic Etiquette
13.Project Planning And Management  
  1. Emotional Intelligence At Workplace
14.Buildings Maintenance & Facilities Management  
  1. Team Working In Cultural Diversity
15.Strategic Planning For Executives  
  1. Public Relations & Events Planning Management
16.Import And Export Controls  
  1. Abitration Process And Procedures
17.Iso 9001 Quality Management Standards  
  1. Corporate Branding, Culture And Identity
18.Workplace Attitude And Stress Management  
  1. Monitoring And Evaluation
19.Products Packaging And Labelling  
  1. Speech Writing And Presentation Skills
20.Inititing And Chairing Disciplinary Hearing  
  1. Development Programme For Private Secretaries
21.Chairing Meetings And Meetings Management  
  1. Leadership And Motivational Skills
22.Basic Data Collection Technics And Methodology  
  1. Ict Skills For Office Professionals
23.HR Recruitment And Selection Procedures  
  1. Statistical Package For Social Sciences (Spss)
24.Customer Service Training For Technical Professionals  
  1. Workplace Ethical Behaviour

General Development And Employee Wellness Programmes


  1. Workplace Cleaning, Hygiene, Safety And Chemical Handling Procedures
  1. Public Service Induction Programme
  1. Developmental Programme For State Drivers
  1. Occupational Health, Safety And Basic First Aid
  1. Developmental Programme For General Workers
  1. Ethics In The Workplace For General Workers
  1. Personal Hygiene And Professional Grooming
  1. Advanced Drivers Training Programme
  1. Basic Ict For Laborers
  1. Public Service Processes, Policies And Procedures Awareness Programme
  1. Developmental Programme For Messengers